Sheriff’s Office – Arrest Warrant Scam Calls

The Laramie County Sheriff’s Office has been made aware of a phone scam that is going around. A person representing themselves as an employee with the Laramie County Sheriff’s Office has been calling citizens. Some of the scammers have been using actual Deputy’s names. Some have even “spoofed” their phone numbers to show up on your caller ID as the Laramie County Sheriff’s Office. They inform the person that they have a warrant for their arrest, due to a failure to show up on a jury summons. The person is instructed to buy a prepaid credit card to pay the fines or they would be arrested. The scammers ask for the credit card numbers to be given to them over the phone. The Laramie County Sheriff’s Office will never ask you to buy a prepaid card and will not request credit card information over the phone. If you receive one of these calls, do not give the person any personal or credit card information. If you have any questions please call 633-4700 or 637-6524 to speak with a Deputy.

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